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The history of Memorial Day is African-American history

Today is Memorial Day. Peace and comfort to families who lost loved ones in our recent war and all previous ones. Let’s also remember the day is connected to the Civil War and African-American history. The first Memorial Day was … Continue reading

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Duke Ellington- Work Song

Jazz Fest, the New Orleans musical and food spectacle, starts this weekend. To honor all the fun we’re missing here is Duke Ellington and his band of merry gentlemen.  

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Bo Obama wants to play fetch

Why is no one playing fetch with Bo Obama?

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Josh Parker Interview

Dear United States gay porn companies: if you don’t fly Josh Parker over the pond, to perform in a few scenes, you all are bankrupt. In this economy most of you are on the edge anyway, but come on. This … Continue reading

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Yale professor David Blight talks about Frederick Douglass

David Blight is professor from Yale University and expert on the Civil War. In this April lecture at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the professor discusses abolitionist Frederick Douglass and his political transformation during the Civil War. I’m biased, of … Continue reading

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Happy July Fourth!

If you have followed this blog for a while you know I have a few obsessions, outside of Rick McCoy. Love Frederick Douglass. Am convinced it’s impossible to get a hold of American history, especially the Civil War, without some … Continue reading

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The Bluest Eyes in Texas-Nina Person

As normal people celebrate the end of Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, what am I doing? Crying over this song.

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