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Justin Owen in the perfect position

Why try to be different this new year? The obsession with Justin Owen knows no boundary of rational thought, and will not change soon. Owen’s scene partner is Billy Taylor. Both look like they are enjoying the moment. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Justin Owen and an open book

What book is Justin Owen reading? The nerd in me wants it to be a fantasy/science fiction tome. Dune? The Lord of the Rings? A Song of Ice and Fire? The snobby English major hopes the book is Don Quixote, … Continue reading

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Basketball season is here

The Spurs and Knicks both won their opening games. Hard not to be happy. Now if I can get Rick McCoy to love me. Or at the very least make a gay porn return!

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Justin Owen Interview

Justin Owen has it all. Looks, smarts, and a backside that would make me go to church every Sunday. Look at his smile! Who wouldn’t rob liquor stores for a Owen grin? The model started out with DylanLucas.com, but upgraded … Continue reading

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Nicco Sky Interview

If you’ve never heard of Nicco Sky be embarrassed, especially if you consider yourself a fan of cinematic sodomy. The Randy Blue exclusive has been with the site since 2009, wearing his scene partners out with his energy. Here is … Continue reading

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Andrew Stark Interview

Here is the Andrew Stark quandary: do you invite him to the family church picnic, or to your place so he can fuck you minus mercy? Ever since his first appearance with Corbin Fisher (he was Ty then), the  FabScout … Continue reading

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Chip Tanner Interview

It’s rude but I gawk at Chip Tanner (NSFW). Could blame him for the lack manners, but as a proud Republican I’m taking some personal responsibility. First there are his YouTube videos. They range from perceptive critiques of gender politics, … Continue reading

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