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Noah Brook’s backside makes the day better

Noah Brooks is the type of guy you want to have a romp with. Sure he looks the organizer of the church picnic (Presbyterian?), but you know he’s on his knees, in the bathroom, making everybody happy. It’s been awhile … Continue reading

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Bryan Fischer says stupid stuff about Barney Frank

Bryan Fischer is a permanent resident of crazy town. He’s called Hitler gay, lost his mind when President Obama went to Ireland, and is convinced straight soldiers will be raped by their gay peers. Side bar: that would make a … Continue reading

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Noah Brooks Interview

NOTE: All links are NSFW.Noah Brooks‘ smile is deceptive. It’s cute and all, but innocence is not his game. He can play it well, but looks much better on the seamier side of the street. He’s worked with a number … Continue reading

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Noah Brooks at Folsom

Noah Brooks Making Porn at FolsomThe above link will make the eyes of conservatives bleed, especially those who have nightmares about gay sex. Last weekend San Francisco held its Folsom Street Fair (NSFW). Never have gone, but I hear it’s … Continue reading

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