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Happy belated birthday to Satchmo

August 4 was Louis Armstrong’s 113rd birthday. Can’t believe I missed it. Here he is, keeping it really real. With an assist from Duke Ellington.

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July Fourth ramble

When it comes to July Fourth, the official birthday of the US, I’m all over the map. As people pay homage to the Founding Fathers, I’m reminded of the many slaves who sided with King George because he was offering … Continue reading

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Jockstraps are my Kryptonite

I have a number of obsessions. Coffee. The Godfather Trilogy (the third film has issues, but holds up). Louis Armstrong. Rick McCoy. Cormac McCarthy. Homicide. None of the above shocks. However, male booty in a jockstrap is the only thing … Continue reading

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Summertime- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer here in the US. There isn’t a better way to bring the curtain down on the long, languorous days than Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong making George Gershwin proud.  

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Happy birthday to Louis Armstong

Want to celebrate the 112 birthday of Louis Armstrong? If you’re in New York, go to the Armstrong House Museum. Can’t do that, then listen to an album. A personal favorite is Satch Plays Fat.

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