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Justin Owen in the perfect position

Why try to be different this new year? The obsession with Justin Owen knows no boundary of rational thought, and will not change soon. Owen’s scene partner is Billy Taylor. Both look like they are enjoying the moment. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Ian Levine Interview

Ian Levine sets off conflicting emotions.  He’s the guy you want to take on a date. Something old school, like the symphony and a meal at a smart bistro. Your table would be by the window, the whole evening spent … Continue reading

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Too much is happening

There is just too much to write about. Game of Thrones (Go, Oberyn Martell! Go!). NBA Playoffs (Go, Spurs! Go!) An NFL draft pick kisses his boyfriend and a local Texas TV host loses her mind. Give Ms. Kushnir credit. … Continue reading

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Blaming a child for his death makes you a SOB

Last night HBO aired Valentine Road, a documentary about the murder of Larry King. The 15-year-old gay student asked a classmate, Brandon McInerney, out on a date. The next day, the 14-year-old straight Nazi obsessed teen brought a gun to … Continue reading

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Final days of CockyBoys deal

I can’t keep reminding you all of deadlines.  🙂 Who am I kidding? My  life is about reminding people of  stuff. Anyway you have six more days (September 15) for the 2-for-1 deal at CockyBoys . You’ll hate yourself if … Continue reading

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Nick Gruber loves me

Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s former man, is now my boyfriend so step off. I jest. However, did interview the ex-porn star/ex-arm candy for an older queen/model for Gay Star News. Alas, he refused to offer any juicy gossip, but did … Continue reading

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Is fag hag a slur?

This is going to sound vain, but straight women usually like me. I’m polite, know when to be quiet, and can quote all types of feminist stuff at the drop of a hat. So a good many of my friends … Continue reading

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