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Lukas Grande Interview

Lukas Grande is a proud California native. Born and raised in The Golden State, he’s got the laid back, and sensitive, attitude, that makes most western lads irresistible. He’s also cuter than what should be legally allowed, with the type … Continue reading

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Justin Owen and an open book

What book is Justin Owen reading? The nerd in me wants it to be a fantasy/science fiction tome. Dune? The Lord of the Rings? A Song of Ice and Fire? The snobby English major hopes the book is Don Quixote, … Continue reading

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New Orleans Swamp Donkeys jazz up Game of Thrones theme

Always been certain jazz inspired album of famous television show themes would be a hit. Cassandra Wilson would make the Mary Tyler Moore Show introduction brand new. Imagine Sonny Rollins having a go at Hill Street Blues? The New Orleans … Continue reading

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NBA Game of Thrones/Zones spoof must be watched

Even if the San Antonio Spurs lost last night (they are up 2-1 against the Miami Heat in the Finals), this second installment of Bleacher Reports’ Game of Zones would still bring at smile. Was certain I posted the first … Continue reading

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Chris and Gary take on Game of Thrones

In honor of Ygritte, she of the flowing red locks, Grenn, and Pyp, two of Jon Snow’s lost Watchers on the Wall, here is a Chris and Gary video. Tragedy and humor are bedfellows. PS: I would drop Rick McCoy … Continue reading

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The only Game of Thrones recap video that matters

Snoop. Seth Rogen. Game of Thrones. Mary Jane. What else is required?

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The Game of Thrones, Season 3, recap that must be watched

The twist at the end will shock more than the Red Wedding.

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