Angel Cruz and Levi Karter have some fun together

I’ve been delinquent in composing CockyBoys write-ups. A failing considering how the site makes great stuff. There’s no need to take my (biased) word. Look at the below banner:

CyberSrocketBannerThat’s a lot of well deserved award hardware. How can the site not win accolades with Tayte Hanson, Levi Karter, and Jake Bass?

Before 2015’s first month ends, let’s focus on a recent CB scene. Karter and Angel Cruz were recently paired up. Cruz is apparently a good kisser and that makes Karter all wet and ready to play.

As usually happens in such scenes, kissing leads to other things. The two give and take, something we need more of this year!

You know what needs to happen now. After looking at these pictures, go sign up. You’ll feel better.


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Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to think if you pose like this, I should be able to get a taste of the cake?

tumblr_mvtfw4Xasu1si49xoo1_500Thanks again to Push My Bottoms for the picture.

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Who doesn’t want to see this quartet play?

tumblr_ni2jq0hKfn1sn39xvo1_1280Thanks to Push My Bottoms for the picture.

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When love hurts it’s so good

tumblr_n3j7ohqlDV1se9w0eo1_500Hold on, baby. It’s almost in.

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Justin Owen in the perfect position

IMG_1950Why try to be different this new year? The obsession with Justin Owen knows no boundary of rational thought, and will not change soon.

Owen’s scene partner is Billy Taylor. Both look like they are enjoying the moment.

Thanks to Randy Blue for the picture.


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Only cowards kill over satire

charlie-hebdo-coverThe news of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices are unnerving. Twelve killed because some are insulted by satire.

As a fan of coarse language (see Bernie Mac’s exquisite exposition of the word motherfucker) and filmed sodomy (see Rick McCoy), I defend the right to read, write, and think without fear of violence.

Cowards murder when their sacred cows are laughed at. Bullies quake with impotent rage when their actions don’t stop the laughter.

Peace to the family and friends of the victims.

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Still here

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