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Nerd and [un]employed hack of no importance. Love coffee, peach cobbler, independent bookstores, Duke Ellington, sports talk radio, diners, The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets, and happy dogs

Lukas Grande Interview

Lukas Grande is a proud California native. Born and raised in The Golden State, he’s got the laid back, and sensitive, attitude, that makes most western lads irresistible. He’s also cuter than what should be legally allowed, with the type … Continue reading

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Andrew Doncaster Interview

  Only well-trained professionals should play with Andrew Doncaster. Novices can give him a try, but be warned. The dude, aside from being easy on the eyes, is packing. A whole lot! The Midwestern stud kindly answered a few questions. … Continue reading

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Are you ready for the end of Answered Prayers?

CockyBoys likes to push the envelope. Sure they can produce 20 minute videos that make the heart flutter, but the studio likes to add something behind its stroke material. Answered Prayers: The Actor is the finale of the site’s opus. … Continue reading

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Casey Everett Interview

Let’s make an early 2015 prediction. Casey Everett is going to get a few awards. The Ducati Models performer is shaking his money maker in California and is starting to make a name for himself on screen. Take a look … Continue reading

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This gardener probably gets a lot of work

I don’t think this gardener would ever get a chance to mow my yard. However, he would be hired. Thanks to Nightcharm for the photo.

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Jake Bass shows Lukas Grande some consideration

Jake Bass is easy to love. The black-haired beauty has an acerbic wit, sexy smile, and tempting butt cheeks. The Canadian lad has a new scene at CockyBoys. He’s paired with Lukas Grande, a dude whose buns are also tasty. … Continue reading

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This Budweiser ad makes the tears flow

A lost puppy saved by its horse friends. Jesus, Budweiser. Why you making me sob? Why? What have I ever done to you?

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