Andrew Doncaster Interview


hx107_scene80_001hx107_scene80_002Heat-up-the-Night-003Only well-trained professionals should play with Andrew Doncaster. Novices can give him a try, but be warned. The dude, aside from being easy on the eyes, is packing. A whole lot!

The Midwestern stud kindly answered a few questions. Send him some love on Twitter, his site, and Chaturbate. Best of luck, Andrew!

Thanks to Helix Studios for the photos.

Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Michigan, but have lived in Virginia and Florida as well.

How would you describe your sexuality?

I consider myself gay, and identify as gay.

Who was the person you had your first crush on? Did he/she ever find out?

My very first crush was one of my childhood friends. Unfortunately, I was brought up in an environment where expressing intimate feelings toward someone of the gender was considered a sin. To this day he does not know that I crushed on him! HaHa!

What made you decide to do porn?

Mainly because I needed the money, but I also used it as an escape from living arrangements that were not favorable to my lifestyle. It was also a great opportunity to travel and meet lots of cool people.

How did you get connected with Helix?

Helix actually came about through a direct contact from the studio. They caught wind of my work. I applied in the past but never heard back. Once my scenes started hitting the Internet, they found me on Twitter and offered me a chance to shoot for them.

You’ve done two scenes with that studio. Do you have more scenes coming out?

At this point I haven’t been asked to return, but I do hope in the near future I have another opportunity to work with them.

Any fantasies you want to film?

I’m very interested in doing a romantic scene with my boyfriend because I feel a lot of the essence of romance is lost in today’s porn. I think it would be nice to have real passionate sex caught on film.

When did you realize you have a nice sized tool (grin)?

The first time I had sex with someone they called it my third leg.  I honestly thought I was just average up until that point.

Ever have an encounter when a partner just couldn’t handle your size?

I had one scene where the bottom backed out after saying that it hurt too much; he didn’t think he could physically take it anymore. That’s only happened once. Everyone else has seemed up to the challenge.


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