Ian Levine Interview

hx105_scene33_001hx105_scene33_002hx105_scene33_010Ian Levine sets off conflicting emotions.  He’s the guy you want to take on a date. Something old school, like the symphony and a meal at a smart bistro. Your table would be by the window, the whole evening spent talking about John Cheever.

On the other hand, he’s also the dude you  just want to throw on the bed and piston fuck from the start. He begs for mercy, but you don’t listen (he would walk out if you did). Instead you keep down stroking until his smooth ass is covered in sweat and cum.

The model has done scenes that have run the above spectrum, from Helix to Kink. In each, he’s been perfect. It’s time to get aboard the Ian Levine train!

Thanks for taking the time to talk, Ian. Best of luck.

Thanks also to Helix for the pictures.

How did you decide to do gay porn?

I decided to do gay porn after a long thought process.  My curiosity, and eagerness to just do something wild for once, finally convinced me.

Did you watch it before you joined the industry? Any models you lusted after?

I did! I watched a bit of it before. My favorites were the Visconti Triplets! Or at least they are the ones I can still remember.

What famous person would you have sex with, no questions asked?

Oh, there are a few celebrities I would have sex with in an instant! Starting with Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, and Ricky Martin. The list goes on….

When did you discover the magic of your backside? 🙂

I didn’t discover that my magical backside was anything to blink at until I started porn. My career has opened up my eyes to a lot of things I hadn’t realized.



What three things have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before you were in the industry?

HaHa! Well, before I started I didn’t know my potential. I still sometimes have trouble with it, but it’s a work in progress. I didn’t know I was in any way attractive; didn’t know I had any “goods” worth realizing. Finally, I didn’t know really who I was. The industry has helped me to discover these things to a point.  At least so far….

What makes a comfortable set?

A comfortable set is a nice place to have sex in (even if the positions are the craziest). It also helps to have a director who knows how to direct, instead of just yelling and/or criticizing. Plus, a partner that you actually have chemistry with. Without these things…well. It can be chaotic.

What can a scene partner do to make you excited?

Well, it always helps me out when my scene partner is a good kisser! But, I mean, it always helps when they’re really “my type” kind of hot.

What is your type of guy?

My type of guy is a fit muscular/jock guy. Preferably bigger than me and mature in attitude and mind.

Do you have any scenes/projects coming out that you’re excited about?

I always have new, and exciting, things coming! You all will just have to watch for them!

Where do you stand on barebacking?

My stance on barebacking is that it’s  OK for me if there’s a certain amount of testing done beforehand. There’s much more than HIV to worry about, which I think more people should realize. Safety first, right?!


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2 Responses to Ian Levine Interview

  1. Ian is a such a hot boi thanks for interviewing him.

  2. Taylor says:

    Not as candid or halfheartedly in-depth as some would hope. One part that stuck out for me is when Levine says he didn’t know/think he was attractive. If only he knew what a baby-faced little snack he was!

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