Tayte Hanson Interview


Tayte Hanson. Tayte Hanson. Tayte Hanson. The CockyBoys’ exclusive is so hot his name must be said three times.

The kingpins of  the site saw the cutie shaking his money-maker on a go-go boy stage. Tayte, a professional dancer, was reticent at first about joining the CockyBoys club. However, he changed his mind, and the world is a better place. From the head to toe, this dude has it all. Personality, looks, muscles in the right places, brains, and a dick that makes mouths water.

The stud answered a few questions, and if you don’t love him more after reading his answers you’re in conversion therapy.

Thanks for the time, Tayte. I’ll try not to scream if we meet on a city street, but can’t make any promises. 🙂

You have had a great splash in the industry. Have you been recognized while shopping or have fans come up to you on the street?

Actually, yes! I was recently in Los Angeles, and I was at a restaurant, and the guy taking my order couldn’t stop staring as he brought out the food. I soon noticed that many of the other workers were staring. At the end of the meal I signed the check, he came over to retrieve it, and said “Would you signing a few more things?” He then he pulled out some freshly printed copies from my shoot with Levi Karter. I signed all five and he said “we are all huge fans of your work!” It was so surreal and actually felt great–it added to the excitement that I was with my mother!

You toured with a dance company? Who are your favorite performers? What pieces must you see?

“Toured” and still tour! 🙂 I have been so blessed to have traveled the world with some of the most recognized dance companies and still continue to do so! I am a deep modern dancer at heart, but visually love contemporary and performance art. My visual idol is Marina Abramović! Her work is so dark, yet so beautiful. I have seen all of the companies I have desired to, but there are always new artists I enjoy finding (underground performances are my favorite).

You live in New York City? What do you like about the city? What do you dislike? PS: Don’t be scared if I see you on the street and come up screaming like a tween 🙂

I do live in the city indeed! I use to HATE the city and told my parents I would never live there. After college, opportunities led me back and I fell in love with it. I love the speed at which the city moves, and how it often eats people up–if you make it in the city you feel a great sense of accomplishment. On any given day, if I am not working, you can find me on a pier or kayaking in the Hudson–I am a fish!

Please, please don’t scream. Instead come up and say hello! I love new friends and NYC always gives opportunities for more of those! One thing I really dislike in the city is that people often see only their lives, and goals, and forget they are sharing the space with many other people. Too many ive simply for their own pleasure.

Do you think your experience as a performer prepared you for the Do You Want to be a CockyBoy contest?

No. I have been on stage thousands of times–clothed and not, but nothing could have prepared one for that. I guess there was just so much at stake that it was very stressful.



What’s the secret to being a good go-go boy?

Eye contact! Well, I suppose everyone has their secrets, but mine is eye contact. If you are strong enough to keep your eyes open, and visually make love to people while they are objectifying you, then you are in control and people will do anything. I want people to feel special even if only for a moment. You make someone feel special (MUST BE GENUINE) and they will reciprocate!

In your Queer Me Now interview, you said you were super nervous about your first scene with Levi Karter. What made you anxious and how long did it take for the butterflies to subside?

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to perform. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to get hard; maybe I wouldn’t make it feel good for him because we had never done it; maybe I would make weird faces. Many people don’t know what they look like when they’re having sex (what if I always looked a hot mess and was simply in denial?!?!).

I think the fear was just that there were so many variables. All of the nerves left when the cameras started rolling and I got hard…I knew I could do it. Finally!

Do you have an idea for how long you want to perform on-screen?

I do have an idea, but even when I am done on-screen I won’t be done in this industry–I am a Virgo; my plans are endless!

Do you think people look at you differently now that you’re in the industry?

Yes. Whether good or bad everyone has an opinion and immediately attaches it to me when they find out. I am very thankful I have become immune (for the most part) to what others think!


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    i luv 2 see all those beautiful bodies nice yummy…

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