Levi Karter Interview

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The Grabbys were held this past Memorial Day weekend. Think of the award ceremony as the Emmys of the gay skin porn world. Levi Karter took the statute for best newcomer (in truth, he shared it with Shawn Wolfe). A just award for the CockyBoys’ exclusive who has been the centerpeice for many of the site’s best scenes.

This interview is about two months old. Been meaning to put it up, but spent too many hours dreaming of Levi, me, and a three-day weekend at a well respected guest house.

 You are from Ohio? What do you like about the state? What don’t you like?

Yes. I’m not sure what to say about what I liked and didn’t like. There’s always pros and cons, but I do think that I was very fortunate to grow up in a small town/college town, live in a small city,  and go to college there. In general, I learned a lot about myself and life. That made me ready for the Big Apple, where I live today.

You just got a new dog (I think I have the right). How is that going? What’s
your dog’s favorite treat?

Ha! I got her almost a year ago! She’s still a pup.  She’s half Beagle, half Shiba Inu, and she’s named Bella. She is a part of me and I couldn’t be happier to have her. Her favorite treat is probably chicken.

Do you remember who you had your first crush on?

Spike from Buffy! HaHa! However, my first personal crush was on some straight guy I never talked to in high school.

What made you decide to do porn?

I have always been fascinated, or invested, in the sex industry in general since seeing it on TV and internet. I always wanted to be the guy on the other side of the screen. Now I am.

 Why did you choose CockyBoys?

Can I just say because they’re the best? LOL!  There isn’t another studio that I could see myself with. They are really dedicated towards your success. But not just that; they look out for your well-being and safety. I feel home here.

Did you watch porn before you joined the industry?

All the time. Still do.

Famous person you would have sex with, no questions asked?

Tom Daily

Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?

Gene Kelly 🙂



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