Bel Ami exclusive Kevin Warhol shoots a scene with CockyBoys

talk-to-me-01talk-to-me-09talk-to-me-14talk-to-me-20The New York City based gay porn studio CockyBoys has reached across the pond to film a scene with BelAmi exclusive Kevin Warhol. He, Colby Keller and Jett Black get a threesome scene in the site’s  Porn Haus Film Fest project.

“George Duroy was very gracious in trusting and allowing me to shoot Kevin,” director Jake Jaxson said in a write-up about the project. “While Kevin is no stranger to shooting, it has always been within the tight-knit BelAmi family. So this was an adventure for both of us. I was just as nervous to shoot Kevin as he was– in fact, when he showed up on set the first day he showed me his fingernails that he’d had practically chewed into nothing.”

The photos show no one should have been worried. Everyone was at their best. Hopefully Kevin works with CockyBoys again, but he must bottom. Dude’s ass is such a sweet treat.


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