Nicco Sky Interview

LEVINICCO-4NiccoSky6739NiccoSky7239_MG_4448If you’ve never heard of Nicco Sky be embarrassed, especially if you consider yourself a fan of cinematic sodomy. The Randy Blue exclusive has been with the site since 2009, wearing his scene partners out with his energy.

Here is another reason to fall for Nicco (outside of his extra sweet boot-ay). In his years as a performer he’s not had a Twitter meltdown, thrown a public temper tantrum at an award ceremony, or demanded constant adoration. A level-headed, cute, performer? That’s about as uncommon as a reasonable Republican. Oh, and did I mention that curvaceous ass?

Thanks for taking the time to talk Nicco. Best of luck. Thanks to Randy Blue for the photos.

You’ve been an exclusive with Randy Blue since 2009. What made you stay with the studio for so long? Was that your plan when you first joined the industry?

I initially applied to be a model on Randy Blue  because it was my favorite site out there. My experiences with the site, and the friends I’ve made, are what has kept me loyal. I never really felt a need to work with anyone else.

Have you noticed any differences in the industry since you first started?

There are a lot of differences in the industry since I started. The idea of being a “porn star” is kind of irrelevant now. Productions have scaled back, etc. I guess the industry is just transitioning into something else. I don’t know what. However, porn will always be around. People will always need to jerk off.

What have you learned about yourself, and sexuality, since joining Randy Blue?

Well, I care a lot less about what people think then I used to. I think it’s pretty fucking awesome that I had this time in my 20s to be open with my sexuality and enjoy it.

HIV transmission, testing and bareback sex have been in the news recently. Where do you stand on performers doing bareback scenes? Is there anything the industry can do to make things safer for models?

I don’t have opinions based on what other grown adults choose to do in this industry. That’s none of my business. Get tested, know the risks, take responsibility for your own actions and that’s that.

How would you describe your sexuality?

I’m a 100 percent open homosexual, with an aggressive preference to be on bottom.

Is there anything you do to prepare for a scene?

Not eat for 24 hours. Groom myself. Shower. Smell good. Not jerk off for a couple of days. Get tested. All the normal stuff.

Do you remember the first person you had a crush on?

My older brother’s best friend [was] on his basketball team. He was so hot to me. Whenever they would hang out, I’d be a little perv stalker and just watch him. Kind of silly now, but I was in elementary school.

Favorite sports team? Musician? Television show?

I don’t follow sports. I’m kind of a  pop culture fanatic. Judge me if you must! I like most pop stars. Even if they’re horrible. I have a long list of TV shows, but my regulars are Archer, South Park, American Horror Story and Game of Thrones.


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One Response to Nicco Sky Interview

  1. Peter says:

    I’ve always loved Nicco as a performer, but now I admire him as a person.

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