Guys In Sweatpants Interview

How can you not hate on Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde? They share a bed, have the bubbliest booties, are gorgeous, get to have sex with other cuties, and now can add CEO to their names. Earlier this month, the two launched Guys In Sweatpants.

Austin was kind enough to answer a few questions. Check out their site. Go to their Twitter feed and ponder my hate issues. Best of luck guys. I’ll work to keep the  jealousy on the down low, but it will be difficult.
Congrats on the new site. What was the most difficult thing about bringing it all together?

Thanks! The most difficult part has been obtaining our vision of perfection. We’ve spent all of our careers in front of the cameras, so this is a learning process. But I think we’ve even surprised ourselves with how close we’ve come to our vision right off the bat. It’s a work in progress.

Compared to all the other studios/sites out there, what makes yours different?

If you look at the site, the visual aspect of it makes us different because it’s, well, different. On top of the fact that we want to film SEX and not just porn. I think that’s significantly lacking with the larger studios nowadays.

The Internet is littered with sites models have started, but the projects never lasted for very long. Are you worried about that happening to Guys In Sweatpants?

Not at all. This isn’t something we haphazardly threw together in a few weeks, with funds from a self-promoted PayPal account. That seems to be the trend with the sites that disappear shortly after launching. We’re off to a great start so hopefully that’s a sign of great things to cum [editor’s note: Austin’s pun, not mine].

 Do you think working in front of the camera has made you deal differently with models? Are you a task master or easy going director?

I absolutely think it has. Being models, we had our “first time” in front of the camera. We know all too well what it’s like, and can relate better. I’m pretty easy going, but I do keep a whip in my back pocket and am not afraid to use it. 🙂

Will your site produce condom free porn?  

Personally, I have no problem with shooting boyfriends in a condom free scene. But it’s by no means our priority.

What about models who are gay for pay? Will GIS work with straight performers? Any chance of bisexual scenes?

Bisexual scenes don’t quite go with our gay sex theme…so I’d say no. If you’ll suck dick, eat ass, kiss and fuck, and enjoy yourself, we don’t care what your sexuality is. So it doesn’t matter what you write on your application, you better be prepared to suck a dick.

Will you work with other studios or is it safe to assume that whatever work you do, in front of the camera, will be done for the site?

We have some collaborations in the works that need to remain quiet for now. But, yes, we are exclusive to Guys In Sweatpants.

Will the site try to get exclusive models (outside you two of course)?

That’s definitely not out of the question. We have several fresh faces coming up that I feel have great potential, so we’ll see!

How did you get Shane Frost to work for you? Was it a conscious choice to have him top?

I’ve known Shane Frost for years, so it was just a matter of making a phone call and asking him. He was a great top and Ashton [Webber] really wanted it. So it worked out perfectly.

You can name people if you want in this question: what trick, or habit, from a previous director are you using?  What trick, or habit, from a previous director are you staying away from?

A trick I’ve used (which is from a studio I’ve jerked off to since I was a fetus) is camerawork and angles. I learned to let the guys just have SEX, and move around them, verses stopping them, readjusting, restarting….blah blah. It makes for a much hotter scene. And I’m watching live sex, why would I ever want to stop that?!

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