Hunter Page Interview

Say hello to Hunter Page, 2013s heart breaker of the year. The FabScout Entertainment model has made a name for himself ever since his first appearance at CollegeDudes. The southern lad has a killer smile, and  a dick that would make any three-day weekend special. And his backside?! Oh, dear gods! No wonder Pope Benedict is walking away from a cushy gig. Hunter: keep on the look out for old guys with big hats.

Thanks for the time, Hunter! Kudos to CollegeDudes and Lucas Entertainment for the pics.

Where are you originally from? Where do you live now?

Originally from Alabama, I now live in Nashville, Tennessee.

What do you like about Nashville? What’s the one thing about the city you would change?

I would change the traffic. Nashville is set up to be anywhere you want in 30 minutes, but traffic makes it impossible to do so.

Any favorite southern meals? 🙂

Mac and cheese!

Single? Married? Attached?


How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Asexual?


Do you remember your first crush?

Yes. My first crush was on Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park.

What attracted you to the porn industry?

The idea of being seen on camera.

Do you remember how you felt when you went to your first set? Nervous? Scared? Horny? What did you do for your very first scene?

My first scene was a solo for CollegeDudes. I was extremely nervous about what to do. I warmed up once I started understanding the process.

Top? Bottom? Versatile?

Bottom, but versatile.

Any upcoming scenes you want to talk about? Any recent scenes you’ve done that you really liked or think your fans would really enjoy?

I’ve done two orgies that I believe my fans will very much enjoy.

Any performers and/or sites you want to work with?

Adam Archuleta from BelAmi is my number one.

Favorite books? Movies? TV shows?

My favorite book is A Density of Souls. Favorite movie is Jurassic Park. Favorite TV shows are Sordid Lives  and The Golden Girls.

Where do you stand on the topic of bareback porn It seems as if more and more models are willing to do it now. Have you been in condom-free scenes?

I have never done bareback on camera. I feel models should be allowed to choose what they like, as long as they know the repercussions.

How long do you hope to remain in the business?

This is something I’m very passionate about. I want to be a name and performer people turn to and enjoy.

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Nerd and [un]employed hack of no importance. Love coffee, peach cobbler, independent bookstores, Duke Ellington, sports talk radio, diners, The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets, and happy dogs
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2 Responses to Hunter Page Interview

  1. lonely says:

    oh! hunter sooo cute~~
    he's just my type!

  2. Larry says:

    Hunter is still, hot, handsome, sweet ,very pretty to look as HOT AS HELL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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