Kyle Ross Interview

 Kyle Ross is the twinks king at Helix Studios. The exclusive is the site’s supreme utility player. He does it all, from getting his tiny ass spanked, making new models squirm in delight by taking them from behind, and whimpering in ecstasy when he gets on his stomach for a hard rutting (confession: I prefer him as a catcher, but is anyone really surprised at that?).

The sexual Olympian was kind enough to answer some questions. Go to his Twitter feed and show some love. Thanks for the time Kyle. Best of luck. Thanks to Helix for the photos. 

Where are you originally from? Where do you live now?

I am originally from Dallas but have recently moved to San Diego to get serious with porn.

Single? Married? Attached?

I’m dating Helix’s own, Max Carter. We have been together for over 13 months and are still going strong! I love him with all my heart ,and look forward to spending many years with my partner.

Is it hard to date someone in the business? You both are surrounded by attractive men and probably have lots of folk who want to sleep with you. How do you navigate all of the drama? Is it complicated when you do scenes together? 

I’m very happy to be dating someone who is also in the adult film industry! It makes everything easier, I think, because we both understand it is just work. We don’t really get jealous of each other while on the job. Max and I are very close and spend all of our free time together. We have an open relationship but don’t typically see too many guys outside of work. Helix keeps us busy! I’m happy to say we don’t have any drama issues! I love filming with Max, but might yell at him a lot when were doing a scene together 🙂 I’m looking forward to an everlasting relationship with my true love, Max Carter.

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Asexual?

I am definitely gay. I’ve never been with a girl before and think vaginas are gross (I might fall in).

When did you realize you were gay? Do you remember your first crush?

I realized I was gay when I found myself looking at gay porn at a young age.  I liked it much better then “regular” porn. Even tried to watch straight porn but didn’t like it.  

What attracted you to the porn industry?

$exy Boy$.

How did you get connected to Helix Studios?

When I initially applied, I had never heard of Helix Studios. A friend, who was into twinks, told me I should apply. 🙂

 Top? Bottom? Versatile?

Versatile. I love to bottom for the bigger guys but if it’s a little twink, I’m definitely a top.

What’s the one thing that gets you real horny?

When my boyfriend licks and bites my ear. Also I like feeling his muscles…wait that’s 3.

You’ve filmed a few bareback scenes. Are you comfortable doing them? What would you say to critics of condom-free porn?

I love filming bareback. It allows for a true ass to mouth shot. 🙂  I am absolutely comfortable doing them and it feels much better. To the critics of bareback porn: I would say let people worry about their own potential occupational hazards. I can do more to protect my own health than what you can
do for me.

Any fantasies you want to film?

I want to film a Jake Cruise scene.

Are there things you won’t do on film?

I don’t know. Helix hasn’t asked me to do anything I wasn’t up for besides a spank scene.

How long do you hope to be in the business?

I hope to stay in porn for a long time! 2013 is looking great for Helix Studios and I am proud to be with them. We have been growing an exceptional amount over the past 14 months and I know this year will be huge!

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  1. Great interview James and thats a new bit of info for me about Kyle he wants to film a Jake Cruise scene. LOL

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