Ryan Rose Interview

Soon I’ll have to give royalties to Men of Porn. He keeps pointing me in the direction of performers to interview. First Connor Kline. Today Ryan Rose. He got his start with Sean Cody as Pierce but has moved on. There was talk he was going to Corbin Fisher but that isn’t happening. He says there are new scenes coming out, but won’t give any details. However, he keeps hanging around Helix Studio models. A man of intrigue! He’s a native the City of the Big Shoulders, so it’s easy to forgive his stealthiness. Plus, he has a pretty tush.

Thanks for the time Ryan! Best of luck. Thanks to Sean Cody for the pictures.  

Where are you originally from? Where do you live now?

I am originally from Chicago, the beautiful Windy City. Currently I reside in sunny San Diego, California.

Do you miss those brutal Chicago winters? 🙂

Absolutely not. I do not, under any circumstances, miss the Chicago winters.  They can be brutal, yet that never stopped me from having a good time.

Single? Married? Attached?

I am single, but always look for my knight in shinning armor. Cheesy?  Yes, I know. LOL!

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Asexual?

As for my sexuality, I’m not huge on labels. However, in my personal life I am gay but professionally bisexual. I’m probably going to get a lot of grief from that but I’m just being honest. If it’s acceptable to be gay for pay, why can’t I be bisexual for pay? Double standards? LOL!

Do you remember when you first realized you were gay? First crush?

I always kind of knew I was gay, or at least knew I was really attracted to guys. Although I hid it for many years. And my first crush?  I remember it clearly. It was in high school on an older student who was athletic, muscular, and quite the center of attention. Yet, I never acted on it.

Top? Bottom? Both?

I am actually versatile. I love most aspects of sex. Although I prefer to take a dominate top role, at times I can become quite the cock hungry bottom. LOL.

What attracted you to the porn industry?

The thing that attracted me to the porn industry first was none other than the incredibly sexy, and legendary, Brent Everett.

How did  Everett get into you the industry? Did you want to have sex with him? Are you two friends?

He never got me into the industry. Just inspired me to. And who wouldn’t want to get with him? We aren’t friends and I actually have never met him .

Did your porn career start with Sean Cody? Why did you stop filming for the site?

My porn career did start with the wonderful Sean Cody company. I stopped filming with them to join their very professional, and extremely talented, production team to which I owe a huge gratitude to.

Is it true you now are at Corbin Fisher? When does your first scene come out?

Yes,  I was going to start with  Corbin Fisher,  but unfortunately things didn’t pan out. That’s about all I can elaborate on that. I’m sorry I can’t go into further detail.

Are there scenes you have coming out that you want to talk about? Getting prepared to work with other companies?

I’m sorry.  I can’t comment at this time on any future scenes or any companies I may be working with. You’re just going to have to follow me and find out.

You’ve filmed a few bareback scenes. Are you comfortable doing them? What would you say to critics of condom-free porn?

I have filmed bareback scenes with my former company; I was somewhat comfortable doing that only for that company due to its high standards of testing. Plus, the company has a very impressive history of no STDs or HIV related incidents. As for the critics of condom- free porn:  I am joining your ranks. I can no longer endorse, or promote, anything but safe sex. I am delighted to say you will NEVER see me filming without the use of a condom!

How long do you hope to be in the business?

As for my career in porn, I can only hope to make all the right decisions to prolong it as long as humanly possible. But, I am not naive. I do understand that every adult film model has an expiration date.

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11 Responses to Ryan Rose Interview

  1. Bull says:

    He is just so god damned cute!! Best of luck to you Ryan Rose!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am fucking obsessed with him. I've met him in real life and he's even more gorgeous than the beautiful pictures on the site. He's such a hottie – will seriously subscribe where ever he goes !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    At least he's not pretending to be straight lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am so tired of these ridiculous “I am not into labels” answers. He's gay. It's not a label. It's who he is. I doubt he'd have any problems being “labeled” white or American or straight, if that were the case.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “I am so tired of these ridiculous “I am not into labels” answers. He's gay. It's not a label. It's who he is. I doubt he'd have any problems being “labeled” white or American or straight, if that were the case.”

    I completely agree!

    It's an adequate adjective!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Actually to a lot of young men even those who are fully gay they know the word gay is a pejorative term. they may even say I like guys I have sex with guys then you say oh you are gay they say NO! Its the negative connotations (by homophobes) that have made it this way.

    How many liberals proudly say I am Liberal?

    • BLake says:

      That’s dumb, gay isn’t a pejorative, it’s just a fact.

      I know plenty of liberals that identify as such. Seeing as a lot of them are so quick to call others right wingers or conservatives

    • BLake says:

      Gay isn’t a pejorative

  7. Anonymous says:

    I watched him when he barebacked. I'm not interested in seeing him have sex with condoms. If he was comfortable having bb sex due to Sean Cody's testing, I wish he had continued it. I don't know if Sean Cody wanted to stop using him or he wanted to stop filming with Sean Cody, but either way I don't understand it. I'd have been happy watching him get bred by every single one of the Sean Cody guys and now I don't watch him anymore.

  8. glenn says:

    I get so tired of porn guys like Ryan Rose who basically got their start in bareback porn, took cocks in every hole raw, did creampies, but now claim to be anti-bareback and are condom only. The reality is that the reason the bareback sites are so popular is that is is extremely hot to view guys doing it bareback. I never waste my money and time on condom porn no matter how good looking guys like Ryan and other are. Plus I think Ryan Rose and any other porn guy who did bareback but cry against it now are hypocrites!

  9. BLake says:

    “why can’t I be bisexual for pay?”

    What does that mean? When has he ever fucked a girl? And why would he?

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