Connor Kline Interview

I love Connor Kline for two simple reasons: a) he’s a bottom, and b) basketball is mentioned twice on his Twitter feed. If I were a committed home wrecker, everything would be done to scuttle Connor’s couple bliss with fellow performer Casey Tanner. However, like Nina Simone sang, the other woman’s life is a bit of downer.

The gay boy (the Gagaian phrase “Born This Way” is inked on his back) started at Sean Cody almost a year ago, but now he’s with twink-centric Helix. Men of Porn has an extensive timeline of Connor’s 2012.

Connor was gracious enough to answer a few questions. Thanks for the time Connor. If you are a Duke and/or Los Angeles Lakers fan, all will be forgiven.

Thanks to Sean Cody for the photos

How long have you been in the industry?

I started in early March of 2012, so almost a year!

What made you want to be a performer? Did you do any dancing/stripping before you became a model?

I had a few friends in the industry already and I had always wondered what it would be like to get paid to do something I really enjoy! I mean I get paid to bottom. That’s like the best job! And I had never danced before, but I had participated in a few underwear shows.

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? Horny?

I am definitely gay! I feel so much more comfortable being pushed around and submissive than anything, and I am always horny! Ask my boyfriend!

Is it hard to have a boyfriend who is also in the business? How do you handle jealousy issues?

Well, he went through the end of me shooting with Sean Cody, and yeah we had a few jealousy issues before. Now that he is starting up [in the industry] as well, I think its actually easier! We have been better than ever before!

You did a few scenes with Sean Cody. You bottomed in all of them. Do you prefer bottoming? All your SC scenes are great to look at. Were they fun to film?

It’s funny because when I showed up to Sean Cody they thought I was a top. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not true. LOL. Honestly, the staff was great, but it was very difficult working with straight guys. Many scenes were trashed because they couldn’t perform sexually. One guy had never even kissed a dude before and I was his first everything! Kinda weird I thought. I never met a single gay guy that I shot with on that site.  

Why did you leave SC?

I left Sean Cody for multiple reasons. I wasn’t comfortable barebacking anymore, the scenes weren’t fun to shoot, and my back tattoo caused some problems.

You said you were uncomfortable with filming bareback scenes. Are you finished doing that type pf work? Do you think models get pressure from companies and/or fans to go condom-less? 

After awhile, my boyfriend and I decided neither of us were comfortable with me shooting bareback with anyone other then ourselves. We haven’t since we made that decision. I don’t think companies pressure us to do it; it’s our own decision, but I do think I was very naive filming without a condom.

What’s the story behind your name change? Why didn’t you keep the name you used with SC?

Well, I never had the chance to decide on my name. When the opportunity came to change it, I just decided on Connor Kline. Figured it wouldn’t make a huge difference.

What made Helix Studios appealing to you?

My boyfriend and I really wanted to do a scene together, and he also wanted to work for Helix Studios.  I’m mostly into twinks, and they have some of the hottest ones. So it was a no brainer for me.

Any fantasies you want to film?

Since I’m so into twinks, I’ve always wanted to shoot with Brent Corrigan! Always have been [into him]! But I still haven’t had my chance to be in the middle of a threesome, so I can’t wait to experience that!

Any upcoming Helix scenes you want to talk about?

I’m pretty excited for my scene with Casey Tanner. It went so fast and smoothly. And I also loved his solo. Apparently all my solos are going to involve a dildo now! HaHa!

What turns you on? What things turn you off?

I love being told what to do, and pushed around a little. And a good rim job…that’s my favorite. I don’t like getting smacked. HaHa! Or someone that’s too verbal.

Would you prefer to work with gay or pay for gay models?

I would much rather work with other gay models. They like what they are doing and it makes me feel way more comfortable. I can actually be myself.

What makes a comfortable set?

I think it all comes down to the crew and who you’re working with. If the crew is supporting and not rushing you and the other model, then it will go smoothly. And if the other model is comfortable with his sexuality, then the scene should go perfectly.

Madonna or Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga of course!


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2 Responses to Connor Kline Interview

  1. what i want to know is if all these porn models/actors are STRAIGHT, how do they have normal relationships with girls? Do their families know? Why would they do it to begin with?
    I wonder bc I want to get into the industry…

  2. duane g says:

    all these straight gay for pay actors is nonsense! i cant belie stuff like that goes on. not sexy at all to me. who wants to pay to watch bad sex

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