Joey Tiger Interview

He only has two scenes out, but if Joey Tiger has his way the world will be his. The diminutive bisexual has earned lots of press for his arias when he bottoms. In a recent Next Door Studios scene, with Tyler Sweet and Joey Hard, his phat booty is double stuffed. Mr. Tiger takes it all, not caring who hears those cries of pleasure.

He has a past and is putting some of his experiences to paper. He’s not in the mood for pity though. And if you plan to get into a Twitter war with him, best come armed for battle. This country boy don’t play.

Thanks for the time, Joey! Best of luck.

Thanks to Joey and Next Door Studios for the photos.  

How did you choose your porn name?

Joey Tiger is my name because once, when I was about 5 or 6, I got to hold a baby tiger. It was so cute. It even kissed me on the nose. The cub’s Dad was around the zoo keepers. I looked at the huge tiger and said, “Even if  I’m little, I want to be this much of a beast when I become a young man.”  I even yawn like they do.

You just moved from Arizona to New York City. How was the move and what made you pick New York?

My entire life, I wanted to move out of Arizona to NY because I want to be a very well known model, as well as porn actor and singer.  But I am a country boy at heart. I’ve even been in rodeos.

Does the country boy like living in the big city? 🙂

I do! But I miss living in the desert. More shit to fuck up! HaHa! 

You want to work as a mainstream model? Are you worried that your adult work might make that more difficult?

HaHa! No, I want to mix the two together, so I have porn AND mainstream modeling together. I want them to become another tidal wave for me.

You’re originally from Texas? What was it like to grow up there?

I was only 3 when I left. Survived some crazy stuff when I was a baby; that made me who I am today.

What attracted you to gay porn?

I want to show people in gay porn that not every small little dude is really dramatic. I want to show people that I am just a regular dude.

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? None of the above?

I have been bisexual since I was in sixth grade. I always thought girls and boys were nice for a lot of reasons.

Do you remember what you were feeling before you filmed your first scene? Nervous? Excited? Scared?

I was very excited to film my first scene. I was worried I was going be too wired for the camera, but they liked it.


You have a reputation for being rather vocal (grin) in your scenes. Are like that in your private life?

I am always a vocal person. It shows the wild side of Joey Tiger. That is why I do that. I have always been like that.

You have two scenes out with Next Door. Any other scenes with other studios coming out?

Yes, I am working on a lot more, I am working with a few TS girls and maybe some men. I am also working on mainstream modeling as well as a book.

Will your book be fiction or non-fiction? Can you talk a little about it?

It is very real and will talk about how I survived a serial killer when I was 1 to 3 years old.

Do you want to talk about that incident?

I lived in Texas at the time. I was on 48 Hours, but I’m not sure if the episode is still around. Articles under my real name are though.  I was actually going into the adult entertainment world knowing that I had scars on my skin, but I knew my size and scars would not stop me! I wanted to be the best and still want to be: scars and all.

You are a constant presence on Twitter. How have fans responded to you so far?

My fans like me because I could care less what anyone says. They know I’m a chill dude and they like it.

 Do you have any fantasies you want to film?

Yes. I want to be in tiger body paint while I fuck a really hot porn actress. Then I want to work with men in a more violent manner with whips, chains, etc.

What’s the one thing a scene partner can do to get under your skin?

Talk shit. I think it’s silly and ignorant. You’re not better then anyone else in the room, ya know?

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