Dylan Roberts Interview

This is going to sound weird, but I could live off of  Dylan Roberts thighs. Not that there is anything wrong with the rest of him. I could chew on those nipples and kiss that face all day without a moment of boredom, but those thighs need special attention. They are so thick and meaty. Plus they give loving support to a nubile derriere the FabScout model is willing to shake for our enjoyment!Dylan was kind enough to ignore my heavy panting, and thigh gawking, to answer a few questions. Thanks for the time, Dylan. Best of luck!

Thanks to CollegeDudes for the photos.

Are you a sports fan? Favorite sport? Favorite athlete?

I am a huge sports fan. ESPN is how I unwind at the end of my days. My favorite sport team to watch is the San Francisco Giants, and my favorite athlete would have to be Barry Bonds. Even though he has a tarnished reputation, he was my sports idol growing up (next to Brett Favre).
I’ll go with Madonna because I have no idea who Annie Lennox is. HaHa!

You’re stranded on a desert island. The island has a tribe of men who are sex starved (and hot…smile). Would you prefer the group of men to be tops or bottoms? 
Bottomless holes!

How would you describe your sexuality? 
I would go with bi. I am naturally attracted to women, but I am also attracted to hot men with awesome personalities. One thing I’ve learned about myself is some one’s personality could get me in the bed just as easy as a hot body. Genuinely nice people attract me.

What attracted you to the porn industry? 
It was never an idea of mine honestly. I was approached by someone who owned Next Door Studios at the local gym in my home town. The rest is history… 

You took a brief sabbatical, but returned. What made you want to come back? 
Well, that was a bit of confusion and me figuring myself out at that point in my life. I never left; I just took some time off to figure out what I wanted and what made me happy.  I realized how much I loved chatting with fans, meeting new people (good and bad), traveling, and all the good things that come with this job. So, I’m here to stay!

Are there any fantasies you would like to film? 
Sex in a mock NASA space ship with zero gravity, and watch my hot cum float slowly into some one’s mouth. And fuck in all crazy positions.
Any performers/models you would like to work with? Studios? Sites?
I would  like to finally work with Cavin Knight. A great guy. A studio I’ve always wanted to work for is CockyBoys. I’d love to be tatted, and scruffy, and shoot for them!
You’ve shot a number of scenes, but have never been an exclusive for anyone. Would you like to be an exclusive, or do you prefer playing the field? I was an exclusive for a year at Jet Set quite sometime ago, and I learned then I much rather play the field and work everywhere. Each studio has great things to offer in different ways. They bring the best out of me. 

Have you ever come across a dick that is too big? Not really. HaHa! I’ve filmed with a couple guys where its taken a minute to get it in, but once in we were good to go. Rafael Carreras at Falcon was big. Tristan Jaxx at Jet Set was big. I made them both work though. 

Any upcoming scenes/shows you want to promote? 
Well, I didn’t work much this summer because I was sick three different times. That lost me a lot of work with well known companies. But I’m healthy and back again. In the meantime, I’m on Randy Blue Live now and will have new scenes for other companies coming out soon enough. The next big thing out for me is Wilde Road by NakedSword.com. It’s directed by Mr. Pam and has a star studded hot cast of guys. First episode just went viral.

What makes a comfortable set?
 For me it’s all about the cast and crew. I just need personable, comfortable, people around to allow me to shine through my shyness. I do my best when no one beats around the bush, and they know what they want.  

 How do you handle a scene partner who has no spark? 

 I just try to create a spark in any which way. Only have a had a few of those scenes before. I usually come out of the scene a little frustrated because I felt like I didn’t get to show my all. But each time is a learning process. I do really well feeding off another person’s energy when we are into each other. Let’s imagine you’re at a bar. A fan sees you and wants to try to bring you home. What’s the one thing he should do? What’s the one thing he should NOT do? 

One thing he should do is buy me a drink, and spark a conversation like normal people do. Get to know me for me. Don’t hit on me with you tongue hanging out of your mouth, and don’t be super cocky or arrogant. I’ll walk away (that’s the biggest turn off).  Don’t be shy guys. I’m a sweetheart! 

What are your plans after you are done performing? 
My dream is to own my own house flipping business. Love getting my hands dirty and fixing things up any chance I get. One day, hopefully, I’ll have my own team of guys flipping houses left and right. 🙂

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