Anthony Romero Interview

It’s easy to fall for Anthony Romero. He’s a William Faulkner fan, has a biting sense of humor, and his backside is purty.

The first two qualities aren’t going to make porn producers open their wallets, but the last will always get attention. It’s been a busy summer for Romero. In early June he stopped working for Next Door Studios because Romero’s boyfriend, Austin Wilde, was fired from nullified his contract with the site. Before the pair could apply for unemployment CockyBoys offered them contracts. Their first scene for the site was released this week. They are paired with Pierre Fitch, and Romero’s booty gets a proper stuffing.

Anthony was kind enough to answer a few questions. Check out his site and Twitter feed. You’ll be pleased. Or cranky, depending on your disposition. Thanks for the time Anthony.  Best of luck.

After you left Next Door Studios, you could have easily retired. Why stay in the industry and why sign up with CockyBoys?

That’s absurd; why would I have retired? I’m only 21; I’ve only done porn for a year-and-a-half; I like doing porn. There’s no way in hell I was going to retire on such a blasé note. It was never my intention to retire; I was looking for another, better studio to work with. I decided to sign with CockyBoys (rather than another studio) because I love CockyBoys and what they produce. They film real, hot gay sex rather than making staged porn.

There seemed to be a lot of rumors about your departure from NDS. What were the ones you found hilarious and/or crazy?

A lot of people thought I didn’t leave that studio, but rather was fired because I had some STD. Which is not true. I don’t have an STD and I was not fired. I left willingly because, after dealing with their unprofessional shit for so long, I reached my bullshit capacity for the year. I wasn’t happy being a mediocre performer in a studio of shit models with a shit owner. No one there has the ability to do his job right. Would you want to work in a place like that?

Is there anything you learned about yourself and/or the industry after the NDS drama?

I learned a few things, but I absolutely cannot say any of those awful thoughts aloud.

What advice would you give to an aspiring model?


What attracted you to the industry? Did you have any assumptions/myths about it before you made the plunge?

I was recruited. I never wanted to do porn, nor did I know how to get in if I wanted. I guess I did have a lot of assumptions before I started porn: I thought porn stars were tall, in-shape, attractive, etc. Then again, “they” say you should never meet your idols.

Do you have any scenes you’re hoping to do? Any fantasies or fantasy casts?

There are a lot of people I’d like to work with (Christian Wilde, Kris Evans, and a few others); my biggest fantasy is to be the HBIC (head bottom in charge) in an orgy, that includes Wilde, Evans, and the entire cast of the Bel-Ami movie, Huge, where I get DP’d and such.

In most of your scenes you’re a bottom. What are the things you would a like a scene top to do? What things should he not do?

I like when my tops don’t bitch or whine; all you have to do is stay hard and move to and fro. My job is to take your cock for 2 hours. I like it when he fucks me how I like it and, therefore, likes it. I like it when he shows affection and desire. I like it when he really wants to fuck me, therefore forgetting about the camera; that’s the moment I want to capture on film. Though there are tops that treat bottoms like noting more than a hole, I don’t deal with them. Every guy I’ve ever shot with knows I’m the one in charge. I simply won’t shoot with those pig-headed performers (you know who you are.) 

You blog is an interesting brew. Everything from workout advice, vids of you jerking off, and biting humor. Do you have an over-arching theme to your writing? Do you hope to show a bit of yourself or is there a larger project going on?

There isn’t an over-arching theme to my writing. I’m just a writer. I’ve wanted to write since the first time I read a Shel Silverstein book in fifth grade. If you actually knew how much I’ve written, and how many pseudonyms I’m writing under for various blogs and sites at this moment, you’d be quite astounded. Is there a larger project going on? Yes. I’ve written two books; I’m just too shy to send them to publishers.

Dating by itself is difficult. I’m making the assumption more so when both are performers. How do you and Austin stay as a couple without the public meltdowns?

In the beginning of our relationship, we had plenty of issues and drama. Sometimes we made it public (not to involve the public, rather to air our own grievances), but it always blew up into negative publicity. We also watched other couples have public meltdowns and always thought they were hilarious. We realized we didn’t want to be that type of couple, so we agreed never to involve the public in our personal issues.

First gay crush?

Hal Sparks was my first memorable gay crush; we fell in love from the first time I saw him on Queer as Folk; unfortunately, our love only lasted a week. 

Favorite writers? Books?

Faulkner, Aciman, Wells, Salinger, Sedaris, Bronte (ed’s note: I forget to ask which one), Alissa White-Gluz, lead singer for The Agonist (her lyrics are beautiful), and Lacy Mosley, lead singer for Flyleaf (her lyrics are also chilling). My favorite books are The Sound and the Fury, Call Me by Your Name, and The Catcher in the Rye. 

What books do you hope to read before the year is out?

Maybe this year I’ll make it through a few more pages of the Holy Bible before my hands catch fire and I start vomiting black bile. I’d like to finish this book I started, A Short History of the World by H. G. Wells. I probably have 200 books on my Kindle waiting for me to read, so hopefully a few of those also.

Are you a political junkie? If so, what issue can you talk about for hours?

I don’t talk politics. “Politics is the art of looking for trouble … ” 

What are your plans when you finished performing? How long do you think you will perform?

I don’t know how long I will perform, but hopefully long enough to immortalize myself in this industry. I don’t half-ass anything, so I’m not going out prematurely. I imagine when I’m done performing I’ll continue to direct or film.

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5 Responses to Anthony Romero Interview

  1. #SDSTW says:

    So what is Anthony doing now that he's left porn?

  2. Anonymous says:

    he didnt leave he nows has his own website with his boyfriend

  3. Who is Anthony Romero’s boyfriend and why are there no pictures of them together.

  4. Steven Burkhart says:

    Have you really retired? Are you happier now, i hope so. Even though we have never met i ha ve a place in my heart for you. I can see it in your eyes. Windows on the soul!! My one wish is to talk with you, would like to be that oerson who you have trust in. Call me, text, email. 808.782.9558, swburkhart@gmail. I live in hawaii. Smile Anthony!!!!

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