Andrew Stark Interview

Here is the Andrew Stark quandary: do you invite him to the family church picnic, or to your place so he can fuck you minus mercy? Ever since his first appearance with Corbin Fisher (he was Ty then), the  FabScout Entertainment model has walked the fine line between husband material and the fuck buddy whose phone call always get answered. There are multiple reasons for this. There’s his out-sized tube steak, he’s a romantic kisser, and the cute radar explodes each time he bottoms. The man is versatile, but for some reason my love/lust increases when he bottoms.

We can deal with my “when Stark bottoms the world is just” issues later. Her was kind enough to answer a few questions, via email. Thanks much for the time, Andrew.

Thanks also to Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue for the photos.

Where are you originally from?

Originally born in Seattle but raised and living in the northern part of Denver.

How would you describe your sexuality?

Very open and I can thank the industry for that. I had never done anything with a guy until being on camera and, as it turns out, I happen to like a whole lot more then I originally thought.

If you’re gay, do you remember your first crush? First date? Kiss?

I don’t see how that question has to be geared towards a gay point of view, why can’t it be more general? And that’s how I’ll answer it 🙂 I don’t really remember my first of any of those things because I have always been a romantic type. Even as a child. I remember making out with girls and playing house when I was single digits. I never went through the “cootie” stage.

What made you decide to do porn?

There came a point in my life when I thought to myself “what is the best and  worst thing I can do at once?” the only answer that came to mind was porn. Shortly after, I was contacted by a casting director and he opened the door for me to enter the industry.

Do you remember what you were feeling before your first scene? Scared? Excited?

I’ve never told anyone this but I did two scenes prior to Corbin Fisher.  It was a solo and a MMF straight scene, but I don’t consider them my first because they were super low budget and HORRIBLE!! My solo went fine but the action scene…I don’t even want to talk about it. And don’t bother asking any more about it because I’ve said too much as it is. I did them before I started working out and was not porn worthy by any means. Definitely not the Andrew you know and love now.

What I consider to be my true first scene was my solo for CF and I had butterflies in my stomach for about 2 weeks before flying out. I was super nervous all the way until I stepped in front of the camera and then the performer in me came out to play and saved the day 🙂

How was your CF experience? What was their filming schedule like?

It was awesome!! I couldn’t have asked for a better studio to start out with. They specialize with new model,  and make it as easy as possible for newbies. Their shooting schedule is very relaxed as in they start when every one’s ready and take as long as is needed to finish.

You said you were good at playing doctor with girls (grin). And I guess I’m wondering how you go from there to gay sex. What were you feeling when you filmed your first man-on-man scene? You said you realized you enjoyed it. Did that worry you? Shock you? When you entered the industry was it your intention to go down the gay road?

I started off wanting to do the straight side of porn, but quickly realized that it didn’t pay and would be very difficult to get into. I had always been an open minded person so the gay side didn’t need much for me to consider it. Before doing my first action scene, I “practiced” a little with someone back home. Totally experimental, no emotion, just to see if I could do it. And I could 🙂 I was still pretty nervous going into my first scene but knew I could perform. 

You went from CF to Randy Blue? Any differences you noticed right away? What made you pick Randy Blue over other studios?

Every studio has their own way of running things, and no two companies will be the same so of course there were differences. I would say they are more streamlined as in they fly you out, shoot you, send you home. I love the  RB and crew with all my heart and always wanted to stay longer then was able.

I didn’t exactly choose them. My casting director sent them my stuff when I wanted to move on from CF and he told me that they’d take me so I ran with it.

It seems you like forming relationships with sites/studios. Do I have that right? What are the pluses/minuses of working with a site for awhile?

So much in just a few short lines, well put. OK, first, anyone or company that doesn’t allow business relationships to form are cold hearted and already dead inside. Any performer that doesn’t create a relationship with the company he (or she) is working for is stupid and missing out on huge possibilities.

It’s not difficult for me to create those relationships because I truly am interested in the industry and everything that goes along with it. I love talking with other performers, crew, producers, or anyone else involved. I could “talk shop” for hours and have done so on many occasions. And I’m very glad that you’ve picked up on that about me, I didn’t even know I was “putting it out there”.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with such high profile studios and I believe that me being under contract all my career has kept me from being over exposed and keeps me relevant with the public.

It seems as if you’ve left both CF and Randy Blue on good terms. Is that a fair reading? How have you worked for two big companies without having a Twitter feud or public spat?

Number one rule of mine. Don’t mix business with personal. (I was gonna say pleasure but that’s the business I’m in) I’m also a very open book kind of person. I made sure to have a long talk with Randy and crew about what I wanted to do and accomplish. Randy said that he wants the best for me and all his models, if that means being with his company or another (another reason I love RB so much is it’s run by a true gentleman). We ended on good terms because we handled it maturely.

You’ve been versatile in your scenes. Do you prefer one or the the other? Have you noticed fans wanting you to do one over the other?

I prefer to top but I’ll do what is needed for the scene. I feel as if it’s a good 50/50 mix of people wanting one or the other. Personally, I love filming flip flops. Gives almost everyone what they want.

You recently did a scene for Next Door Studios. Are you leaving Randy Blue? Are there sites you want to work for?

As I said before, I love RB with all my heart and still shoot with them when possible. However, I’ve decided to stretch my legs a bit and venture around a little. And yes, there are some studios I would love to work for. I mainly have one in mind and things are looking pretty good for said studio. 🙂 I also have quite the kinky side in me and would LOVE to explore that side of film. I’ve had long talks with Jesse Colter about that side of the industry, and it doesn’t sound much different from what I already do in my personal life. It’s a shame they don’t pay as much though…

Do you have any fantasies you want to film?

I guess I kind of already answered that question with my last answer…I tend to do that. I would like to film more of the kink side. I did a little with RB for the special feature “Therapy” from Dirty Secrets. Although I played a top for the scene, when cameras weren’t rolling, I was way more of a bottom. Having everything done on me and playing around because I’m really into that stuff. Especially the violet wand. Just thinking of it…excuse me a minute 🙂

This kinky side of Andrew Stark…..Can you expand that a bit? What kink would you like to explore? Domination? You having to service a group of people? A particular person having to service you? Mind games? You now have me waaay too excited about this kinky Andrew (LOL).

Oh no, you’re not getting this one out of me. I will say that I love exploring new areas and find myself enjoying both top and bottom of play time. OK, I’ll say a little more. I enjoy spanking, clothes pins, having the bottom of my feet hit (the harder the better), electro play, and a few others. But that’s all you’re getting out of me!!

Any ideas about how long you’ll keep performing? Plans after you leave the industry? 

I don’t really have long term goals for the industry. I’m just going with the flow at the moment. I would like to say that my career is just now starting to pop off and am excited for what’s to come (all puns intended). I’ll be done when I’m done, or the industry quits me. Now, I do have some short term goals: I’ve never been to an award show and never been nominated for anything. I hope both of those change this year. Really hoping…

As for after the industry, I’m already doing it and that’s my airbrushing. I did it before, I’m doing it now, and you’ll see me doing it long after.

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