Gabriel Clark Interview

As been mentioned, CockyBoys has gone through a lot of good changes over the past year. Drool worthy models, scenes that hit the right spot, and projects that mock, and enhance, everything from porn to reality show drama. Heck, the site is even getting mainstream attention from New York magazine.

Throughout the entire reboot, there has been one constant: model Gabriel Clarke. The lean stud has done it all. Broke in newbies, live shows, kissed, and had his hole explored! What’s not to love? And all of this is done with a sexiness and masculine charm that makes most people take their panties off when he’s around.

Check out his most  recent scene with Arnaud Chagall. It’s part of the Project Go Go Boy series. Clarke teaches Chagall how to be a better dancer, and he adds in some extra lessons for good measure.

Thanks for the time Gabriel. Best of luck! 

What originally attracted you to porn? Why CockyBoys over the other sites out there?

I used to be a dancer, and I did some modeling before. I always wanted to take that extra step and go hardcore. Also I find it’s a way to immortalize yourself. When I’m  old, I’ll be able to show a poster of myself and say, “look how hot I was when I was young!” I find CockyBoys has the most passion. The models and scenarios aren’t “amateur,” and scenes are always hardcore and pleasant (which is hard to combine). The staff is great. We know what we need to do without being overwhelmed.
How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Straight? Bi? None of the above?
I’m bisexual. I like men and women, both sexually and emotionally. I’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends. My preferences vary depending on my mood.
What have you learned about yourself since being in the industry?
Funny question, I now know the powers of editing, I used to wonder how the actors could do what they do until I realised the multitudes of retakes that can happen. Even though I already knew how to control when I cum, I learned to master it by doing porn.
What are your long term plans in terms of the industry? Continue performing? Work behind the camera?
I don’t plan on working behind the camera. I know I can’t continue forever. So when I finish, I’ll go from there.

Top? Bottom? Versatile?
Top. But I can do versatile, even though I don’t enjoy it.
What makes a comfortable set?

A comfortable set starts with two active actors bonding for the experience. I like to connect with the person I’m shooting with. Like a very temporary relationship. That’s why I hate working with straight gay for pay actors.Also, time is a big comfort element. Sometimes we have a tight schedule because a room we’re renting for only so many hours. When we’re rushed, I find it more difficult to concentrate. So an early morning shoot gives more time, and is better than sleeping late and rushing.

What’s the craziest thing you have done sexually (on or off screen)?
The upcoming bukkake scene sure was the craziest I’ve done. It was my first, and only time, I’ve done it and it happened right on a CockyBoys’ camera [ed: this will be seen in a Project Go Go Boy orgy scene].
What advice would you offer a new model to the industry?
Don’t be a princess, but communicate your needs. If you’re uncomfortable with something, but don’t say anything about it, you won’t perform as good as you could.  But if you bitch at every detail, people around you won’t perform as good as they could.
Favorite book? Movie?
Favorite book is The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice. It offers a great lesson on passion and true living. Favorite movie is Interview with the Vampire. OK, so maybe I’m a big Anne Rice fan.

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One Response to Gabriel Clark Interview

  1. Esmèe says:

    keep up the good work, gabriel! you’re amazing! i love how you’re passionate about your work. i’ll always be your fan. pls keep smiling and work hard! i really love your adorable smile and your sweet voice! you’re the sexiest in the whole world! ❤

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