Max Ryder Interview

Max Ryder. Max Ryder. Max Ryder. In the days of myths,  queenly kings would have sent their armies clashing to claim his hand in marriage (or at the very least a three day weekend of unparalleled sodomy).  From his locks and an ass that looks like it’s covered in dew,  Ryder is breaking hearts over at CockyBoys. The exclusive has done a scene with sexy beast Tommy Defendi and from the hints he gives below, more sparks are to follow.
Thanks for the time Max. You always have a home here and my army is almost ready.
You’ve had an impressive start with CockyBoys. Well received live shows and a hot scene with Tommy Defendi. How are you handling all the new attention? Taking it in stride or having some diva moments?Ha! Well, I’m taking my new career path day by day. I mean so much has happened already and I haven’t even been signed 2 months with CockyBoys! I even just launched my new blog, There I give the readers exclusive pictures and videos, and let my fans behind the scenes of my shoots to see the making of a porn star. As for the diva moments… Ha! Ha! Maybe once or twice.

Why CockyBoys over other companies? Why porn?
“Daddy CockyBoys” (Jake Jaxson ) and everyone else,  like Benny Morecock,  care a lot more about their models then most companies. CockyBoys only has like 6 exclusive models, and they make sure to take care of us all. They care about my image, which was my number one concern when I was signed.
Why porn? Well, how about why not? LOL! I’m young, have the support from my family and friends, and I’m enjoying every second of it.
When did you know you were first gay? First gay crush?I think it was when every year on the holidays, instead of asking for race cars and Legos, I was asking my mom for clothes and sneakers.  I [soon] realized I dressed way to well to be straight! Ha! Ha! My first gay crush was on John Mayer. I have a thing for douche bags. LOL!

How did you feel when you filmed your first scene? Nervous? Bored? Ready for action?
It happened way to quick to even feel anything at first. LOL. But of course I was super excited, but at the same time super nervous because I’m not usually the one in the spot light. I’m usually the one behind the scenes, dressing the one’s that are. LOL.
You and Tommy interact well. What’s the one thing that about him that surprised you?OMG! I loved Tommy. Don’t let his beard and big muscles fool you. He is the biggest teddy bear. Made me feel very safe. Took very good care of me and was very gentle. LOL.

It’s early, but it seems as if people are impressed with you as a bottom. Do you like to bottom or do you see yourself as more versatile?Ha! My goal is to not get stereotyped in this industry. This is why I’m constantly changing my hair styles/ haircuts. I want to have a broad group of fans to support me.  In my new scene with Jake Bass, for our feature film project “Go-Go Boy,” you will definitely see a new side of Max Ryder.

Any fantasies/scenes you would like to film?
Hmm… Like most twink porn stars, I’d really like to work some of the boys from Bel Ami, like Jack Harrer. He’s my favorite Bel Ami boy. 🙂
 If someone saw you at a bar, what’s the best way to impress you? 

Easy! Be a gentleman. I’m a sucker for a guy that doesn’t just think with his penis and can actually hold a conversation. Also, my favorite drink is tequila on the rocks. *HINT HINT*

Favorite book? Movie?

How about magazine? LOL. I love Coitus magazine. My goal is to one day get featured in it. As for movies, I love The Butterfly Effect, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Almost Famous, just to name a few!

 Any scenes you want your fans to look out for? 

Aggggh, yes!!  In the past month I recently did one with one of X-Tube’s biggest straight stars! The cinematography is very cool and it’s a new side for CockyBoys. Also, for the site’s new feature film I star in 3 scenes with some of the industries hottest models: Pierre FitchGabriel Clark, and Jake Bass! You will DIE!! 🙂

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One Response to Max Ryder Interview

  1. Max Ryder is bisexual says:

    He watches straight and lesbian porn. Clearly just another lying bisexual misidentifying as gay. Ugh.

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