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A writer who had the ear of an editor could sell a long form essay onSean Storm (NSFW). The career of the actor/director is a compelling lens to scrutinize the arc of gay porn in the past 15 years. It’s hard to fathom Storm’s first video was the 1999 Citiboyz’s production Frat Boy Sean & Friends (NSFW).The gay porn world was a little bit more solid then. Studios were selling DVDs and didn’t that worry much about that thing called the internets.

Now studios are going the way of the 8-track, every body’s grandmother is shooting a scene, condom free scenes are mainstream, and the porn star title applies to everyone except me (a good thing).

Storm has seen all these changes, even  been ahead of the curve on a few (use of social media, getting behind the camera,  and sex minus a condom). His career shows where porn was, and why it’s the way it is now.

Thanks for taking the time to talk Sean! We both know I’ll be bugging you soon enough for another article.

More and more porn performers are getting behind the camera. You were one of the models to start the trend. What do you think you learned as a model that helps you to film scenes?

Working on many film productions as a model allowed me to see how each studio handles models, both on and off camera. I’ve also gotten to see first-hand how each director (and each one is different in his own way) handles models and the scene. Hopefully I’ve been able to take the best parts of each director/crew and work it into my style that has allowed the scenes I’ve directed for Cre8tive Juices (NSFW) to be effective, for both my studio and the models we’ve cast. It’s all about learning your craft, and having been a model first gave me invaluable experiences to take away from.

You were also one of the first performers to go back and forth between condom and condom-less films. Are you still doing that as a performer? What do you make of so many studios/sites offering bareback material (Sean Cody, Bel Ami, and Corbin Fisher to name a few)?
I’m not sure doing condom films is something that I’d want to do again. Mainly because I don’t think I could get that excited about the project. Personally, I  just really enjoy the experience of barebacking on film.

As for other studios offering bareback, I’m a proponent for it in the sense that I’m glad other studios have realized that is where the profit margin is greatest. Not to go off on a tangent, but I can’t think of any recent  condom-only studios that have become powerhouses in the industry. With that said, with so many companies offering bareback content, it does become a feeding frenzy when there is so much competition available.

How do you pair models in your films? Do you test them all, and pair models with similar status? Do you do your own testing? 

We first come up with a theme for the scene/movie. Then we start looking at which models would pair up best based on the type of person needed for the scene, and also on the models’ own likes and dislikes off their model application. From there we filter out models that aren’t status-compatible. For instance, we only pair positive models with other positives, and negatives with negatives. We only require testing when the models are negative, though we do ask positive models about their viral loads. It’s important to remember that any poz model, with a high viral load, is someone who isn’t taking care of himself. He is still placing his scene partner in possible danger.

You say you only pair negative models with other negatives and positives with positives.  Do you take the words of models about their status, or do you do your own testing? 

We require a model to get tested, and to show proof of status at the time of casting.  From there we educate models that, no matter what the test results of either performer show, risk of infection still exists on some level. Just as it does in real life.

A model then has to make his own decision on whether he wants to still do a bareback movie. We don’t force anyone to do a movie, the model has to make that decision. And if he chooses not to do a bareback movie, then he should apply to perform in condom films. It’s that simple.

What do you make of the new law in Los Angeles requiring porn movies to use condoms? 

Not happy about it. My studio isn’t based in LA, but we were considering moving the operation there. Since we shoot bareback, LA is no longer an option. At least not now, unless the law changes. But the industry is resilient, and bareback will continue. If not in LA, then somewhere else. And
that’s where we’ll relocate to.

Why do you think models appear in condom free porn? I used to think it was because producers made them to. Is that an unfair assumption on my part? 

I’ve never heard of a single producer making, or forcing, a model to bareback. If such a producer exists, then that person is a pretty sick and twisted individual. As for why a model would appear in a condom free porn, I would hope it’s because that model prefers having sex without condoms and is not someone doing the project just to make a buck. A model has a responsibility to look out for himself in any way possible. There are many studios who release condom-only content, and those are the places that person  needs to be employed (if he doesn’t want to film bareback). But if a performer loves to bareback, like me, then he should have the right to make that decision.

 How do you respond to bareback critics? They argue the films/scenes put models at risk and make viewers engage in risky sex. What do you say to that?

I realize that every critic is going to have his own viewpoint, and that everyone isn’t going to agree with mine.  In particular, bareback critics have a strong view and aren’t going to change their minds no matter what I say. So in many ways it’s a lost cause trying to argue the point. What bareback critics sometimes don’t address is that any sex performed in front of a camera comes with a risk, whether it’s bareback or with condoms. How often do condom studios test for Hep C, herpes, syphilis, staph infections, the clap, etc? You can try to lessen a risk with a condom, but the risk still exists.

Why do you think bareback sex seems more appealing than sex with condoms?

I don’t think bareback seems more appealing, I think it’s more of a fact that sex without condoms is more appealing that having to see a condom in a scene. If you take HIV out of the equation, then there wouldn’t be condoms used in gay porn at all. Bareback sex is natural sex. Condom sex isn’t.

You’ve had a long career as a performer. Do you still remember what you felt when you filmed your first scene? What made you jump into porn? 

I just remember being the most excited sexually than I’ve ever been in my life. For me, doing porn is like a drug.  That first taste of being filmed jerking off for Citiboyz (NSFW) was incredibly stimulating. Even before shooting my first load on film, I was already thinking about how I was going to secure my next gig. I knew it was something that I wanted to keep doing.

Are there any scenes that stand out for you? Scenes where you and your partner really clicked? Moments when there was no scene chemistry? Diva blowups (grin)? Directors who wanted to get some loving (smile)?

My gang-bang at the end of Centaur’s Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig (NSFW) stands out as a favorite of mine, I just really enjoyed that one.  I also remember my first bareback scene, and how liberating it was, when Jesse O’Toole fucked me in Treasure Island Media’s Cumsloppy Buttholes (NSFW).

I also remember doing some scenes where I had absolutely no chemistry with the tops. Almost without fail the tops were gay-for-pay. Also, any scene where I was treated in a derogatory manner by the top, such as being demeaned or slapped around, always pissed me off.

As for the directors getting some loving, I’ve been lucky in that they’ve all been really professional experiences. If anything, I flirted heavily with my directors early on because it was kind of a turn-on for me to get the director interested. Plus, it usually meant more work for me (grin). 

Where do you stand on models who are gay for pay?

I’m not a fan of this type of model. As a performer, I’ve bottomed for gay for pay models and it was always a bummer sexually when the straight guy has to look at straight porn to get hard before fucking my butt. There’s too much of a disconnect, and unless the gay for pay guy is a great actor, the performance is usually lacking.

What makes for a comfortable/productive set?  

A comfortable and productive set is one where the models are into each other, and the director and crew are laid-back. I don’t like drama.

On screen, you come off as a bottom who can handle any size. Was there a scene partner whose dick was just too big? 

Big dicks are never a problem for me. But where I do run into problems is when a big-dicked top is ramming it into me fast and furious. When that happens, I can only focus on the pain and how terrible it feels. This takes me out of the moment of trying to make a really good movie experience for the viewer. Unless the viewer happens to get off on a bottom being used and abused
mercilessly. LOL


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