Sean Xavier Interview

How will the gay porn world deal with Sean Xavier (NSFW)? There is his finely honed body, a penis only experts should play with (I bet “husband” Rick McCoy could handle it), and an inviting ass that is not off limits

Last month Xavier joined Lucas Entertainment (NSFW) as an exclusive. “Sean is a stellar performer,” said  Michael Lucas, CEO of the studio. “He is a beautiful man who knows how to deliver an amazing topping scene and then flip it around and bottom even harder.”

Hard to disagree with Sean’s boss (we all know Mr. Lucas gets out of sorts when he’s contradicted), but there is also this: his new model has a wicked sense of humor. How can you not fall in love with a gay porn star who brings the wit?

Thanks to Sean for taking the time to talk and best of luck. Please call. You need me in your life.

How long have you been in the industry? What made you decide to do the porn plunge? 

Rubbing one out on my Dad’s desktop keyboard to some “Gay/X/Red/Rocket/Porn Tube” site at age 12 doesn’t quite constitute being “in the industry.”  I suppose you could say that from those post-pubescent teen years forward, I was a cock-throbbing, ass-winking, fierce orgasm-ing porn groupie.

According to my tax returns, I officially began working in the industry August 26, 2010 as a webcam model for Flirt4Free (NSFW). It wasn’t until almost a full year later that I starred in my first duo scene; I had my ass pounded hard by Spencer Reed’s meaty cock in Thughunter’s (NSFW) “Hercules vs. ‘Ghetto-taur.” Follow that with scene partners like Scott Alexander (NSFW), Steven Ponce, Valentin Petrov (NSFW), Alexander Garret (NSFW), and who’d want to stop?

My progression into porn was very natural. Jerking off to porn, sprawled out on my bed, with a bottle of lube by my side; jerking off cute college guys with porn on in the background, and an empty bottle of lube in the bathroom trash can; having sex in the bathroom, pounding the fuck out of a guy, while watching myself in the mirror (with a fresh bottle of lube in arms reach); jerking off to a video of myself pounding the fuck out of a guy in the bathroom, with a bottle of lube on order; jerking off while being watched online by guys using spit for lube; being fucked hard by guys that I’ve jerked off to online, spitting out a beautiful cum-shot.

That gratifying mixture of pleasure and pain. I love it.

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? Curious? Horny?

My standard line is: all of my past boyfriends say that I’m gay.

What’s the biggest difference between sex you film and sex you have in your personal life? 

You mean besides the five other people in the room holding lights, applying more lube, taking photos? There’s more techno music playing in the background of my personal sex life. Seriously though, the biggest difference has to be the foreplay. In porn scenes you have 20 to 30 minutes, tops, to go from the initial encounter to getting undressed, making out, getting a blow job, rimming, getting fucked, and finally cumming. In my personal life, sex is a feature film. I can easily spend an hour just kissing, licking, rubbing, massaging, and passionately feeling the man I’m about to enjoy. Three hours later we’ll be cuddled up together, cum still sticky between our legs, kissing and cooing one another before we fall asleep.

Any scenes/fantasies you want to film?

I’d like to do the first sky-diving gay sex scene on tape. I’ll settle for a membership card to the mile-high club.

What made you pick Lucas Entertainment?

Mama didn’t raise no fool. Have you seen the guys in those movies!

Where are you originally from?

Victorville, California. Nothing special there.

What assumptions about the industry did you have before you started  working in it?

I thought that all of the models would be brain-dead Ken dolls, or self-esteem barren muscle heads, needing a compliment from wherever they can get it and stepping on whomever they needed to in order to get a little more lime in their light. However, what I’ve found is a bizarre gentleman’s club. There are doctoral students, finance managers, artists, athletes and the occasional sociopath that are sexually liberated. And gorgeous to boot.

Any models that you want to work with? How do you handle if and your scene  partner aren’t on the same page (no vibe and/or attraction)? 

This isn’t shameless self-promotion, or sycophantic pandering,  but I’d really love to work with Michael Lucas. I find him so damn attractive. Who could deny his advances?

What’s your favorite books/films (can be non-porn related)? 

The film La Vie En Rose, about the French singer Édith Piaf, is a moving drama for true cinema lovers. Catch-22 is my favorite book.

How long do you plan on working in the industry? What goals do you have  post-modeling? 

I don’t have any immediate plans to stop. I’ll start graduate school soon for a Ph.D. in informatics. Who says you can’t be a doctor and a porn-star? Not me.

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3 Responses to Sean Xavier Interview

  1. axiom2001 says:

    Hats off to Sean in all ways! You truly impressed me in numerable ways when I saw your superb porn action in your most Lucas entertainment production.

    I'd like to sample your expertise!

  2. Diego Boy says:

    Negão gostoso do carai.

  3. Anonymous says:

    intelligence and sexyness in an ideal combination: a great guy!!!

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