Mason Star Interview

Mason Star breaks the hearts over at CockyBoys (NSFW). One of the site’s exclusives, he does everything. From nailing Jimmy Clay to being the meat in a Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi sandwich (NSFW), the California lad’s sexuality shows what it means to have desire fulfilled. And expressed.

I would type some more gibberish, but I know the deal. You want to hear from Mason, not me. Can’t blame you! Thanks to Mason for taking the time to answer a few questions. And a big hug to CockyBoys for the pics. 

Where are you originally from?

I’m from Sacramento, California.

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight? Curious? Horny?

I am gay. Mentally I need a male partner. However sex is sex; I’ll try anything once in the right environment. I don’t believe there should be taboos on sex. I don’t believe there’s rules for sex and love. We are all unique, and sexuality is so fluid.

How long have you been in the industry? What made you decide to do the porn plunge?

It will be a year this February. There are many reasons why I got into the industry.  Everyday I’m finding other reasons that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  It’s almost like a calling. At first it seemed like the natural evolution of my go-go dancing. And like dancing, I wanted to bring my passion to it. It’s very much how I express myself. You could say it’s like “art” to me— performing, whether it’s dancing or being on camera. I really want to continue to bring a respect towards the industry. We’re not just boys who fuck.

You said this: “I really want to continue to bring a respect towards the industry. We’re not just boys who fuck.” Can you expound on that a bit? What type of respect would you like to bring to the industry and fellow models? Porn fans seem to have this weird relationship toward performers. One hand there’s the admiration, and there are other times when we fans can be  dismissive. As if what you do isn’t work. Why do you think that happens?

I guess I just feel like fans should respect us other like lovers or boyfriends. I’ve jacked off to some porn stars longer than I’ve ever kept any boyfriends, and they never argue or cheat on me. I believe that many people don’t have a solid respect for sex itself. That’s why porn models get treated different than say, big time actors. What we do isn’t very easy— the work or the reaction we get from people, family, or friends. Most people look down on us, when in reality we are very tough individuals. It’s not easy to do this art, and put your body out there for everyone to see. We are still human. Just very pretty ones who are good at sex.  

Is it difficult being a public person? I mean depending where you are you might have fans coming up and asking questions. Does porn make it hard to be anonymous?

Not at all. I’m proud of myself and what I do. I’ve come to understand that not everyone will like me,  or accept what I do or respect me. I do this for the people that can appreciate what I do. As for my private life, I can control what I want out and don’t want to be public. If something private does get out, I’ll always be honest and open. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. Life is about growing and learning, good or bad. I will always man up and take responsibility and try to always do what is right.

Most of your work has been with CockyBoys. How did you decide to work with that studio? Any plans to work with other studios/sites?

They truly believed in me when honestly I was beginning to doubt myself. CockyBoys has become my second family. I truly love everyone on our team, and I’ve become close friends with all the other models. As for other studios and sites,  I’m not sure what the future holds for me.

Most of your fans are intrigued with your relationships with the other CockyBoys exclusives, especially Tommy Defendi (NSFW). What’s going on between you two? How would you describe the chemistry?

Tommy and I instantly had chemistry. He’s such an amazing human. He’s great to be around. Honestly in Montreal I started to fall for him. I mean we were around each other 24/7. As of now we just have a very special and unique friendship. We are both very busy. That’s all I can say. I like to keep my personal relationships quite private.

Do have a routine when you prepare for a scene?

I do and don’t. Overall, I’m constantly trying to keep my body in shape, which isn’t easy. Then I also have to trim my body hair, take care of my skin, and make sure I’m mentally prepared for a scene. I think the hardest part is preparing mentally since each scene is different and I have to get into the role — whether I’m a top, bottom, aggressive, or submissive. You definitely have to be prepared to bring out the best performance.

Any scenes/fantasies you want to film?

I’m always coming up with ideas constantly, and the great thing about working with CockyBoys is that they encourage that. My mind constantly is always working. I would really like to bring the accents of lust at first sight to a scene. That moment when you meet a man, you hook up, and after that moment you don’t want to leave each other’s side.

Any models you want to work with? What do yo do if and your scene partner aren’t on the same page (no vibe and/or attraction)?

I’m always willing to work with anyone, because each experience is a learning experience. Plus you need to be able to adapt in any environment. Luckily I’ve never encountered a model who I haven’t vibed with yet.

What assumptions about the industry did you have before you started working in it?

I was highly educated about it from friends who were, or are, in the industry. I believe there are dangers and assumptions in any work. You’ll be fine as long as your smart, honest, and stay true to yourself.
What are your favorite books/films?

My favorite book is The Great Gatsby. And my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

How long do you plan on working in the industry? What goals do you have post-modeling?

I say go big or go home. But as long as I survive I’m loving it right now. I think it’s so much fun. I’ll probably quit once I lost my passion for it, but who know when that will be. For the future, I would love to be in the fashion industry. Who knows?

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2 Responses to Mason Star Interview

  1. Mike says:

    Mason, You're already an icon of the male erotic industry in my books. With that body, good looks and all-conquering sexuality (to say nothing of that jaw dropping endowment of yours) I'd say you will still be at the top in 20 years. By the way, just how long is it?

  2. Diana Randolph says:

    Mason & Tommy Defendi should perform in transexual porn and I volunteer my services to those two hunks of manhood. I do hope that Mason & Tommy really ARE boyfriends in real life. They would make such a cute couple.

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