John Magnum Interview

There is much to adore about John Magnum. A smile that makes the bitterest queens squeal like Bieber gals. The hairy chest. Those perky nipples that look like they require constant nibbling. As for his backside, words don’t do it justice. Round, shiny, and so user friendly.

But Magnum gets super sexy points for being politically engaged. His Twitter feed keeps up on the political issues of the day. Hard to not to fall for a man who knows there is more to the world than booty.

As always, a shout out to John for his time and performances. Would also like to thank Falcon, Next Door, and Men Magazine for the pictures.

Where are you originally from and where do you live now? 

I grew up in the South and now I live in Los Angeles.

How long have you been in the industry? What made you decide to do porn?

Full-time 3 years. I decided to do porn for all the wrong reasons. I thought it would be a fun way to make money. Don’t do anything just for the money.

How would you describe your sexuality? 

I’ve always said I’m a sexual person. I enjoy hot sex with hot people.  

You’ve worked with a wide range of companies and directors. What makes for an
easy going set? What makes a set/scene difficult (in terms of performing)?

I think the best scenes are the ones where the crew stays out of the way, and just let the professionals do what they do. Unfortunately most people aren’t professional, so the director has to step in.

In your scenes, you are pretty versatile (topped and bottomed). Does that translate off the set?

Even more off set.

Any fantasies you are itching to perform?

An action adventure porn series.

Your Twitter feed is pretty political. How would you describe your politics?

I’m an independent thinker that believes the people should decide how their country is run, not politicians. I’m in favor of a direct democracy and, with today’s technology, it’s easier to do than any other time in history. But politicians and special interest groups don’t want to let go of their power seats.

What newspapers/magazines/websites do you read to stay current on the news of the day? 

Whatever I come across. I don’t listen to any particular set of voices. That’s how you become narrow minded.

Any political writers you think more people should read? 

Read as much history as possible and decide for yourself what you believe.

 Is there a historical period you are particularly interested in?

Wherever my curiosity takes me. I love history.

What are your plans when you’re done modeling? 

I just formed my own production company. Right now I am securing funding to shoot content. Also working with other models to develop a performers union. People don’t understand that we don’t make residuals and/or royalties from our scenes. Men make on average of $800 to $1000 a scene for gay work, and $300 to $400 for straight or transsexual. Women and transsexual performers make on average of $800 to $1000 a scene. That’s it. Period. It’s a very unjust and prejudiced industry that needs to be reformed. This is why so many of the models get involved in escorting and drugs. To make enough money to survive and deal with the stress.

Do you have a name for your new production company? A website you want readers to visit? How do you plan to treat models who work for you? What type of scenes are you going to film? Gay? Bi? Straight? All three and more? 

I do but don’t have a website yet. And I’ll shoot new ideas. I don’t care for labels.  I think most people would be happier without them. They breed prejudice and seclusion when we should be working together. 

How has the response been to the performers union? Do you think models will support that idea? What are the goals of the union? Health insurance? Share of profits? 

All the performers want it. But for some reason they think nobody else does. The main goal for its creation is to legitimize the industry by bringing it integrity, responsibility and generosity. Unfortunately, the business lacks those qualities.

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2 Responses to John Magnum Interview

  1. Kevin says:

    beautiful man with a head on his shoulders too

  2. wizbang_fl says:

    He is the one porn star that actually sounded “human” and not some recorded scripted robot. You also see it in his scenes, you can tell there are some models he is attracted to and others he isn’t but that honesty is in itself attractive.

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