Noah Brooks Interview

NOTE: All links are NSFW.Noah Brooks‘ smile is deceptive. It’s cute and all, but innocence is not his game. He can play it well, but looks much better on the seamier side of the street. He’s worked with a number of sites, but his best work is on There’s something about him being used by a group of men that brings out his inner dirty angel.It would be fair to dismiss the ramblings of a dirty old perv, but the original dirty angel, Mason Wyler, agrees with my assessment. “Noah may even be so cute that one might think it’d be wrong to defile him but don’t be fooled, beneath his innocent good-boy looks is a filthy submissive cum-slut, living to service the world.”

Not trusting me is cool — not really– but doubting Wyler is a sure sign of  Michele Bachmann support.

Thanks to  for the photos. Thanks to Noah for the time. By the way: I sent him a few follow-up questions. When he answers, you’ll know.

Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

I originally grew up in northern California, in a little hippie town called Sebastopol. It’s about 30 minutes away from San Francisco.  I lived there till I was about 16. Then my family moved to Salt Lake City and I lived there until I was about 19. Then I moved back to California, where I live now in a little college town.  I love it here 🙂

How would you describe your sexuality? Gay? Bi? Straight?

When I was younger I would say that I was always a bit bi-curious. But I would have never admitted to it.  Now I would say I am bi, but lean more towards dick. Every once in a while I let some lucky girl get a little bit of a treat.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry since about September of 2010 and have stayed pretty busy ever since.

What made you decide to do gay porn?

Actually that’s a pretty interesting question.  My godfather and I had always talked about ways to make money, and he was the only person who knew that I was gay.  So the topic of porn came up one day, and he always told me that if I ever did gay porn people would love me.  I wish I would have acted on it sooner.  I just had no idea how to get into it, so I just kept putting it off.  Until one day I decided I would put some legitimate effort into it.  Looked online and started turning in applications to various different web sites.  I finally heard back from,  which seemed appropriate. From there site after site started contacting me and here I am today!

Which studios have you worked with thus far? Are there studios/sites you want to work with. Which ones?

I have worked for a lot of studios now.,,,,,,, and

To be honest I keep my options open and am willing to consider working for all different kinds of studios.

Are there porn performers you want to work?

You know what? At this point I see myself as a star so I would look forward to working with new models in the industry to help them establish their names (grin).

You’ve gained recent notoriety for two scenes/clips. You did a live show for Helix where you came three times in an hour! Is that a normal day for you? Do you usually come that often? There is also a clip of you floating around from this year’s Folsom Street Fair. Your head is out the window, and a number of men are lined up behind you. Is that for an upcoming video? What was Folsom like?  How did you end up in that position? Was that planned?

With the live show I want to say I came five times!  Usually when I have sex I like to cum 2 or 3 times just because I love orgasms. Love the feeling of climaxing. For me that’s what it is all about!

And the Folsom clip…..grin…. I am just going to have to make you wait until the video comes out. It will be on and will be epic!

Your work ranges from vanilla to kinky. Is that a conscious choice on your part? Is there something you would like to do on tape?

I think I have already done just about all there is to do (grin). But if someone has something he would like to see he should let me know!

Have you ever been recognized walking on the street? How have fans reacted?

I get recognized more and more as I go out to different bars. It’s a lot of fun.

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Nerd and [un]employed hack of no importance. Love coffee, peach cobbler, independent bookstores, Duke Ellington, sports talk radio, diners, The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets, and happy dogs
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5 Responses to Noah Brooks Interview

  1. Anonymous says:

    he is fucking right, he is a big star now, the ultimate slut. keep going, hottie, you make peole happy

  2. Randy Andy says:

    I've watched some of his vids, he's really sweet looking but I'm 57 and I can cum 5 or six times a day, more if I'm horny. You mean to tell me that most guys can't?

  3. Gergo says:

    I saw some of his videos and the are OK … I like humuliation more hard and more cruel but ok. I think, we sould organize similar events in every city, on weekends, just for fun 🙂 what is your oppinion about it? it would be nice I think, and the slave’s friends has the right to know how their friend is so they have the right to see him in this situation. Am i right?

  4. Gergo says:

    “Have you ever been recognized walking on the street? How have fans reacted?
    I get recognized more and more as I go out to different bars. It’s a lot of fun.”

    –Oh I can imagine your classmates and friends like a lot to see you like this, its perfect. And what could he feel inside for ex in fornt of his classmates? I think it would be a perfect reason to kell myself for me 😀

  5. callum says:

    Not going lie. I have become a fan of his work. Keep it up Noah, certianly know how to please people!

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